"We need to be playful in the way we view ourselves and the challenges we face. How we respond to these challenges is influenced by the perspective we choose to have. Being playful allows us to be open and receptive to the world around us." Sarah Moore

I'm a proud and passionate 57 year woman, with a curious and playful approach to life.


I was born in the UK and travelled to Perth in my twenties and totally fell in love with the Australian spirit and colours of this vast and beautiful​l country. 


 Little did I know that in my thirties I would be swept off my feet and fall in love with a Northener from the UK who had fallen in love with Sydney and so this place became our home. 


Now twenty years on, with two beautiful children Saskia & Fintan, this is the place I choose to lay my hat. And it's turned out to be a mighty fine place to live out all our dreams!

I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to leave my homeland and reinvent myself and continue to create opportunities I would have only dreamt of in the past.

And so my business was created. It's been a journey, it hasn't been a breeze, I'd be lying if I told you that.

To be honest at times it's been really challenging, but I've learnt so much and I am a different, stronger, clearer and more determined person than I have ever been.

I'm on a mission, I want to share my learnings and my journey. I know from the work I do with leaders people are often looking to shift their mindset and try out new approaches so they can rise up and respond to life's challenges with courage and knowledge that they are responsible for the life they lead and the outcomes they achieve. 

Through my experience, passion and knowledge I am able to assist people to make positive and long lasting change.


I have become a Conscious Leadership Catalyst that can really help you to transform your life and the outcomes you want to achieve.

Now more than any other time in history, we are being called to step up and become Conscious Leaders.

We need to take ourselves less seriously and come at life from a playful mindset that opens us up to new possibilities, adventures, experiences and ways of seeing our world.


You owe it to yourself to listen to the calling you have within you and to start to create the change you want to see in the world!


As a little girl I used to dream about creating change in the world. Being able to make a real difference in people's lives.

I've always felt a calling to challenge the status quo and to explore new ideas and concepts with the people around me. I have always been drawn to those who want to experience life beyond their comfort zone.

In 2004 I made a decision that was to change my life, I decided to follow my passion and pursue a path away from my chosen career. It was a big step and bold decision and I now look back at this decision with immense gratitude. 

I'm a life long learner and am someone that knows that my education is key to my success. So I signed studied to become a Leadership Coach and since then have also become Certified In Conversational Intelligence ® and other educational programs that have enabled me to build a bank of knowledge in human behaviour and communication.

I was able to apply this knowledge to better understand my decisions and actions. It soon became clear the path I needed to  take. My destiny was being reshaped and my relationships were becoming deeper and more fulfilling.

Throughout this journey I have seen first hand how people's lives are influenced by limiting beliefs, narrow perspectives and patterns of behaviour.


I've learnt that it doesn't have to be this way and when people recognise this they can break through to lead the life of their choice. 

The more I share this information with people the more I realised that I am not the only one that wants to understand more about why we behave in the ways we do and what choices we have to change the way we are. 

Join a community of Conscious Leaders who want to make a difference!