"Are you looking for the most transformative Online Conscious Leadership Program?"

In this online leadership program with Sarah Moore, you will learn:

  • how to clarify your 'why' and re-fuel and ignite your passion

  • what beliefs are holding you back and tools to reshape your beliefs, to create the success you aspire to create

  • how your emotions and energy impact on your outcomes and how to use them as a Conscious Leader

  • the neuroscience behind effective communication and use some of the most powerful communication frameworks being used by some of the Fortune 500 companies across the world

  • exercise and activities that you can immediately apply and implement with your team

  • the importance of creating an Engagement Strategy that will transform your ability to engage and motivate your team, especially Gen Y.

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This Online Leadership Program Is Making a BIG Difference To Early Education Leaders:


"Learned so much more about myself; how I think, how I gather knowledge, how I make decisions, why I make one decision not another, how I communicate. I have been challenged to question and learn new skills, plus reflect on those comfortable old ones. I am so much more confident as whole person! In addition, the knowledge bank and experience shared with honest and cantor was invaluable."

Christine Tsang - Director, Inaburra Preschool

"The main outcome I have gotten out of the program is that I no longer panic when I have a tricky conversation I need to have with a team member. I now have a plan that is based on research that will open a dialogue to reach a solution where everyone is involved and feelings are valued, trust is built rather than strained and where all opinions have been carefully considered. For me this was gold."

Eve Hawkes - Director, Engadine Preschool Kindergarten

"My biggest takeaway for me is that if something is not working I'm so much more effective when I remain curious. And when I'm feeling frustrated I need to remember 'it's not about me'. My relationships with my team have improved and modelling this type of communication with my team during mentor meetings or staff meetings has been good especially when they have gotten a little hot under the collar about a topic we are reflecting on."

Kelly Nickless - Director Jannalli Preschool Kindergarten

" I think my biggest takeaway is understanding that my beliefs although maybe positive may have a negative impact on the way in which I am leading my team. That I may put up the walls or subconsciously treat someone differently."

Fiona Black - Director, Koala Long Day Care

Best of all, this Online Leadership training program is practical, authentic and is connected to the real challenges you face every day!


The program is not about adding loads of theory to your practice. It's about tapping into your already vast  knowledge and experience and building upon it.

You'll be able to instantly apply your knowledge within your unique working environment and join a group of Early Education Leaders in discussing the reality behind it's implementation.

I know you are great at your job, but I also know that with some support and opportunity to link into a community of other leaders you can grow and expand in ways that would otherwise be impossible.

We have seen transformative change happen through this work. Participants have told us that it has literally changed their life in certain areas.


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P.S. I know life is busy and budgets are often stretched, but I can absolutely guarantee that this program will literally transform your thinking and results you are getting.

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About Your Trainer:

Meet Your Training Facilitator

Sarah moore is the founder of Leadership Without Limits where she runs a National Coaching and Training company for Conscious Leaders who want to create the change they want to see in the world.


She has over a decade of experience working in Human Services and is passionate about empowering leaders to create long lasting change.


She is the creator of Leading From Behind, which is her response to a growing need for support and self-leadership education in the Early Education Leaders space.

Sarah has held a number of Senior Leadership positions within Human Services and comes with a wealth of real life hands on experience and knowledge about the challenges Leaders face.

Sarah Moore

Leadership Without Limits

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