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In a recent US Research study, 33% of respondents preferred working for a male boss, with 20% preferring a female. It has been our finding, that the Leaders in the workforce who have developed their own style of Conscious Leadership, that mixes both feminine and male characteristics (often experienced by employees as Emotional Intelligent Leadership), experience far more success than those Leaders feeling compromised in a leadership style that is not authentic to them.

The feeling of being true to ones own style, whilst evaluating results in terms of teams and projects they manage, is a common finding amongst highly successful Conscious Leaders.

Emotional Intelligence is an innate skill of the highly evolved Conscious Leader.

Sarah specialises in taking Leaders on  journey of discovery, permission and freedom that will enable you the Conscious Leader, to reshape your leadership style. To focus on relationships before tasks and having authentic conversations that elevate connection and create powerful results.

When working with Sarah, you will learn how to merge your already effective leadership strategies, with new and exciting Conscious Leadership models; that give you and your team that authentic experience you are seeking.  

You get to create the change you want to see in the world!

Sarah is very flexible, adaptive and creative in her style of working with individuals, groups and organisations. If you want more information go to the link below to connect with Sarah.

Sarah provides a range of offerings that inspire and engage those she works with.

With her passion to bring the best out in those she works with and her profound understanding of human behaviour and neuroscience of conversation, she knows how to connect with people with ease and depth.

As a Conscious Leadership Catalyst Sarah is passionate about empowering Leaders to create the change they want to see in the world. She does this through a range of different offerings:

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Sarah Moore - Conscious Leadership Catalyst
Leadership interactive online programS

Conscious Leadership is an art form. It is the effective ability to bring a group of people together, under a common vision, to face and overcome challenges and limits, as they grow and expand.

Research shows us that employees are seeking to work for organisations who value them and provide the opportunity for personal growth and development. No longer is it enough to provide security and a competitive salary. Keeping up with the unspoken needs of employees, whilst managing the daily task of the business can be demanding and at times, overwhelming. Talent retention is one of the most difficult issues the leader manages.

Human behaviour, energy management and communication are some the most difficult issues Conscious Leaders are managing today.

Sarah has a unique ability to be able to take leaders behind the veil of mystery and hand you practical and proven tools to effortlessly lead people to success whilst providing the opportunity for them to grow and develop.


During the past five years Sarah has run a Leadership Interactive Online Program. It has become very popular mainly through recommendation and word of mouth. Due to this success in the past three years Sarah has run a Conscious Leaders Mastermind which has provided a great opportunity for leaders to deepen they learning around her Conscious Leaders framework©. This framework provides a great example of how she responds to a growing need and directly consults and aspires (breathes life into) new and response programs based on with her customers needs. 

Her online interactive programs can be tailor made to fit your specific organisations needs as well as individual services and groups.

Personal development COACHING

Working one-to-one with Sarah, you are in the hands of an experienced professional coach. Whatever the current state of your feelings and thoughts, working with Sarah will move you to new destinations effortlessly and swiftly. 


Sarah's client's commonly use the word 'stuck' when they introduce themselves. It's 'stuck' that can't be share with friends and loved ones, and even if it is, it never seems to come out in the words the way we feel inside. Solutions seem to beyond our reach.


I could be in a relation to their career, relationships, finances, emotions and life in general. Even with all of the knowledge and desire for change; it makes the guidance and support of a qualified and experienced coach; to assist you to go beyond your boundaries. This, we cannot do alone.

You can book/pay for a single sessions as you want them or purchase a package and save. Commonly, Sarah's clients work with her bio-weekly then monthly over a time period that best suits their goals and dreams in life. The journey is yours to develop.


You can attend one of Sarah's workshops or enquire as to how Sarah can come to you and work within your organisation delivering a workshop which promises to be a unique experience! 

Workshops Include :-

  • Conscious Communication Mastermind

  • Conscious Communication Team Workshop 

  • Engagement Is Key for Teams 

  • Learn Ways to Effectively Respond To Conflict and Build Trust

  • Our Why and Gratitude

  • What's Trust Got To Do With Communication

  • Integrating Self-Care In The Workplace

You can also get to create your own experience, by identifying a topic and the outcomes you are seeking and we co-create a workshop that specifically meets you and your teams needs. To find out what feedback people are giving click here.


If you want details about the contents of the programs or want to discuss some ideas you have about co-creating a workshop, contact Sarah go to the link below.

We deliver in-house training within your organisation for half a day to one full day, dependent on your needs. 

We will also deliver high quality and interactive workshops at your staff conference or training event!

Keynote Speaker

An effective keynote speaker will effortlessly bind your events goals to your audience. Sarah is a consummate speaker, who loves to elevate and inspire her audiences to believe in their potential and that of the provider she presents. She in motivational in her content and inspires and engages her audience with ease, warmth and humour.

You would engage Sarah if you want to give your key audience that personal experience, where they feel connected to the content and theme of the day and will leave the event with useful valuable tools.

A win/win for you and your brand message.

Sarah will custom-create content to best promote your key message and her passion is people connecting to their personal passion and purpose.

"Sarah delivered two sessions on "Integrating Self-Care Within The work You Do" at our Sutherland Shire Council Children's Services Conference - Enrich Empower Educate. Sarah was very professional in her approach and a pleasure to work alongside. Sarah's presentation style and calmness allows individuals to feel a true connection to the content. Sarah's workshops were very well received and the information she shared on why self-care needs to be priority, provided strategies to design self-care rituals. The strategies have been tried and tested with the impact being, Educators changing their practices so they are working with a more positive mindset, which ultimately impacts on positive outcomes for the children. I would highly recommend Sarah if you are looking to promote wellbeing among your team."

Denise Nash, Professional Learning.


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