Why Coaching?

Why Coaching Can transform your thinking and outcomes.....

Is this something you have been considering, well maybe or maybe not?

I was told several years ago that people don’t buy coaching – that no one wakes up one morning and says I am going to find me a coach today.

Well not unless you have some first hand knowledge of the benefits.

The average person, sort of knows that life can be a struggle and that everyone has issues that they need to deal with.

The average person has a level of self-awareness that may even realize that educating oneself around relationships, communication, behaviour, mindset is a good way to go.

But not realize that most of the suggestions of these books, programs etc. are rarely implemented, never mind completed!


Because people do not have clarity about why they want to create the change, why they have created the issue/problem in the first place, and how to change life long patterns.

It is hard, believe me when I say, I have a stack load of books, programs and courses I have attended over the years, endeavouring to make shifts and changes in my life to no avail.

Believe me when I say, it’s not a coach you want, it is the outcomes a coach can help you achieve!

And a really great thing a coach provides from the moment you engage one is, accountability.

As one of my clients beautifully put it, “Sarah I love knowing I have you as a coach, because I have no were to hide, you hold me 100% accountable.”

We can easily develop scripts in our mind, which become a back drop to the way we think and feel about ourselves. You get to have those scripts challenged in ways that are thought provoking and life changing.

To have our thinking challenged is liberating, we can often find that we are holding onto beliefs that are either out-dated or just not true!


We are all unique and individual; our life experiences create who we are, so coaching can help us to understand our own uniqueness and to celebrate our strengths as well as our vulnerability.

It helps you to understand others, by increasing your self-awareness and ways in which you relate and respond to others.

Coaching provides tools and resources that are tailor made to us, and were we are at any specific time in our journey.

It has been such a privilege to work with the many amazing people that I have as a coach. I know from experience that there are many courageous people in our world, doing the most incredible things.

Coaching is not the answer to problems, it does not transform you as a person or create the amazing outcomes you may want to achieve. But what it does offer is a way in which to get to your destination.

A coach is there to stand next to you, to hold you to account, to highlight patterns that may not be resourceful, to throw a light on language or thought processes that are limiting you, to laugh and cry with you as you uncover your vulnerability and humanness and to shout at the sidelines when you make shifts and create change.

Create change today, by reaching out and contacting me or another coach to have a conversation – one which guides you and supports you to work out whether coaching is a good fit, whether it will help you to create the outcomes you are looking for.

Don't wait to see if it's right for you, check out what my offerings are or Lets talk!

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