6 Rituals for Managing Your Emotions

Managing tricky conversations, handling conflict, challenging behaviour, presenting in front of your team is all part of your job, you know that.

But here’s the thing, as busy leaders it is really easy to find ourselves getting caught up with the doing the job, rather than considering how best you can do it!

In other words, slowing down a bit and considering how you can prime ourselves for successful outcomes.

This takes conscious awareness and some self-reflection, as well as some forward thinking about what specific outcomes you want to achieve.

Now you might be thinking that’s all very well, but I don’t have time!

Well here’s the thing I want you to consider for a minute, without considering what emotions are going to be the most empowering to you, you leave it to chance.


When you leave it to chance, you can often find yourself being reactive to the emotions that surface, and can get emotionally hijacked and side tracked. This is not only not time efficient, it also means you’re not able to use your skills, abilities and talents to your best advantage.

In this blog post I share 6 Success Rituals, you can implement as a way of supporting yourself to raise your internal emotional awareness and prepare yourself for the best possible outcomes.

You get to design the way in which you want to feel and the outcomes you are focusing your attention on, rather than leaving it to chance.


I invite you to trial these 6 Success Rituals and then reflect, adapt, expand and amend them to suit your unique style and personal preferences. That way they will be tailor made for you, but for now this is a great starting point.


The 6 Success Rituals are broken down into the following areas: -

  1. Identify

  2. Beliefs

  3. Emotions Audit

  4. Desired Outcomes

  5. Support

  6. Preparation

  1. Identify – Consider what situation, event or conversation, timeline you want to focus on. It could be a difficult conversation, a performance review, a customer complaint, a public speaking event.

  2. Beliefs – Ask yourself what beliefs you hold about this given situation or event. Unpack them, be totally honest and question the validity of the beliefs.

  3. Emotions Audit – Consider what emotions do you have around this situation and event and how they are making you feel?

  4. Desired Outcome – Take yourself 15 minutes beyond the situation or event, consider what would you like to be telling yourself? How would you like to be feeling? What specific outcome have would you like to have achieved?

  5. Support – Ask yourself, what emotions would support you in this situation or event? e.g. confidence, openness, focused.

  6. Preparation – What preparation do you need to do to support your success? How do you need to prepare yourself e.g. arrive ten minutes early, have everything prepared, create 30 minutes after the event to download, dress up smart, rehearse, write down what you need to say etc.


So, before you head into a difficult conversation or event, create time to go through these 6 Success Rituals, as a way of preparing yourself.

The gold here is putting the time in to prepare yourself on the outcomes that you would like to achieve. To really consider what it is you want to achieve out of the situation or event, when you do this you are literally telling your brain what you want it to see, feel and experience.

I invite you to try on these 6 Success Rituals for managing emotions – don’t get caught up in doing the job, use the job as a way of better understanding yourself and increasing your awareness of who you need to be as a leader in any given situation or event.

Please drop us a line at info@sarahmoore.space if you have any questions or leave a message below. I would love to know how you go with using these 6 Success Rituals.

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