Know Your Why

Have you ever wondered why some people are able to inspire greater loyalty and engagement amongst their communities and team members?

Why it is they are consistent in their approach and don't seem to get sidelined by external events?

Have you considered how they are able to achieve and sustain this kind of success?

The majority of people know what they do, but few know with great consistent clarity WHY they do it! By why,pI mean purpose, your course, your beliefs, what your organisation, business exists for.

Well you may not realise it but inspiring leaders and organisations think, act and communicate in the same way. It is the complete opposite from those that aren't a success.

These inspiring leaders and organisations have one thing in common, they are crystal clear about their 'WHY'.

Your why is your purpose, you belief, or your organisations, your reason for being.

What I often see time and time again in leaders is that they are crystal clear about what they are doing and some even know how they are doing it, but few have clarity about WHY.

Many of you maybe familiar with Simon Sinek's famous TED Talk called: How Great Leaders Inspire Action

It is even more relevant now than it was back then, because of the advancement in neuroscience research and it's powerful link to the importance of building trust and engagement.

Simon Sinek refers to The Gold Circle which is a wonderful place to start when you are wanting to consider your why and your purpose, what you are here to do in the world, what impact you want to make.

He talks about each and everyone of us having a finite time on this planet and if we are not 100% focused on what it is we want to achieve, then we lose the opportunity to make a big impact.

We tend to waste time on the things that are not important and get immersed in reacting to external things that are happening around us, If you lead a time and want people to follow you, you NEED to be really clear about your WHY.

In my Leading From Behind for Early Education Leaders, I go into a lot of detail about the importance of knowing your WHY and more importantly how to create significant clarity around it as a way of propelling you to your success.

If you haven't watched the Simon Sinek TED TALK, I encourage you to and or read his 'Start with WHY - How great leaders inspire everyone to take action.

In my Leading From Behind For Early Education Leaders online program, we spend time clarifying your WHY and articulating it in ways that provide you with direction and motivation.

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