Main Leadership Challenges

As a Executive Coach I am often invited to coach and mentor new leaders and those wishing to take the next step into leadership.

It is incredibly rewarding and hugely satisfying to play a part in a new leader’s development and I also love the opportunity it affords me to learn, question and experience my approach and my thinking.

I was recently asked by a new manager to share my thoughts on the main challenges faced by new leaders and I thought I would share my response and invite others to share their thoughts too...

1. Having clarity on your WHY and values - consistently aligning behaviours, mindset and actions

2. Develop Your Managerial Effectiveness-Make decisions, plan ahead, be punctual, collect and analyse data, write reports, know your levers and when to pull them etc

3. Get the Balance between Strategy and Operations-Paint the big picture but know the detail, translate, contextualise and encourage people to look ahead and outside of their experience

4. Involve Others-Learn to delegate and learn to trust, consult, share the limelight, listen to others even when you don’t agree, or your ego doesn’t want to hear

5. Be Consistent-Set a tone and stick to it, don’t be an opportunist and treat success and crisis in the same way

6. Develop Your Team-Support, reward and recognise, lead change, challenge, push and motivate, instil pride Have I missed any out?

7. Stay grounded - be able to manage ones emotions consistently, staying present and encouraging the same in others

8. Tuning into natural talents and helping those around me to utilise them in ways that help them to stay engaged and motivated.


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