" A few months ago I was on the brink of not only resignation, but a breakdown of my chosen career path. Working in a new leadership role, introducing change to a large group of employees, the high expectations I have of myself and a backlog of work had me fronting up to work in 'overwhelm' each and every day. My state did not make my job any easier and my productivity as a leader was low. 

From our first meeting, Sarah was able to share practical tools which enabled me to improve my leadership skills and raise the level of staff engagement significantly.


In just six months the transformation of the team has been significant and has had a direct impact on the quality of the service we are providing within the community. The evidence has been in the positive feedback we are getting from parents about the improvement they are seeing in our service delivery.


My confidence and motivations as a leader has considerably increased, I now feel back in control and really reconnected with my passion.


I could not have done this without Sarah to guide me through, and cheer me on from the sidelines. I would absolutely recommend Sarah to anyone who would like to clarify their vision and values and improve their leadership skills and reconnect with their "why".

Easton Street Centre

Tracey Muccllo

NSW, Australia

"I started working with Sarah 18 months ago, not knowing what to expect, but wanting guidance to manage a national project. Sarah's manner and style allowed me to trust the process and after a few sessions unlock barriers and be aware of different perspectives. Coaching has provided me with the confidence and capacity to manage change, challenge myself, set BIG goals and empower the people I work with to be the best they can be.

Due to the benefits of the coaching program, I asked Sarah to work with our National Team, she provided a Leadership Program and a Leadership Coaching Program. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with many communicating that they had both personal and professional tools to support them now and into the future.

If you want to be the best leader you can be, I would highly recommend Sarah to help you achieve this!"


Project Manager, Positive Partnerships -

Karen Jones

Across Australia

"When I was given the opportunity to work with Sarah, I was working with a not-for-profit organisation that was in a period of major ideological, organizational and operational change. I was one of the many responsible for embedding the learning about that change throughout the organisation of 600+ staff, so that it would ultimately be of great benefit to our service users.

Through working with Sarah I confirmed my personal belief that effective leadership takes many forms: it can manifest in anyone and everyone, and crucially has to begin - and end - with people, not systems.

This has enabled me to pursue my vision with confidence, and strive to work for broader social change both at the 'grass-roots' level and at policy level. 

Thank you Sarah I recommend your coaching to anyone who wants to work with integrity, creativity and purpose."

Sylvanvale Foundation  -

Catherine Maitland

NSW, Australia

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